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Sask in Motion - Episode 13: Kids & Nature

Episode 13: Kids & Nature


Jana (mom of 1) and Melissa (mom of 2) talk about kids and nature: why they need it and how we can make sure they get it. They chat with host Tenille Lafontaine about:

  • why spending time in nature is important for their families
  • easy tips for starting to spend more time outside
  • the important role grandparents can play

As educators, Jana and Melissa share their thoughts on:

  • how schools and communities can make it easier for kids to spend time outside
  • how parents can support outdoor classrooms and other efforts to get kids outside at school

Our moms also weigh in on recent online posts, including:

Check out Jana’s blog Wildernook and see how Melissa's love of nature inspired the creation of outdoor learning spaces for her students at Macdonald School in Stockholm SK.

Mom2Mom is sponsored by Saskatchewan Blue Cross. 

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