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Sask in Motion - OUTside Rocks!

OUTside Rocks!


Paint a rock, hide a rock, find a rock!

Inspired by the popular Kindness Rocks movement, we’re launching OUTside Rocks! to get kids and families outside having fun. It’s a great way to get out and explore your hometown.

Teachers & group leaders

All of our free rock painting starter kits are spoken for, but that doesn't mean you can't still take part. OUTsideRocks! is a great way to get kids moving outside and a distraction from these stressful times. Download our rock painting tips and tricks to help your class or group get started. 

Let's get ralking!

  1.   Paint a rock - Paint rocks any way you like. Be sure to include some text on the back of your rocks to tie them to our OUTsideRocks! Facebook group. Use the labels in our community tools or write the following text with a fine-tipped paint pen. 

    Keep or rehide.
    Share a pic at OUTside Rocks! on FB

  2.  Hide a rock – Hide your rocks around town for others to find. Trails and walking paths make great hiding spots!

  3.  Find a rock – Head out “ralking” and see what you can find. When you get back home, share pics of any #OutsideRocks! you find to let us and the  rocks’ creators know about your finds. Keep the odd special rock and rehide the rest for others to find.

Have fun creating, hunting and spreading the message that #OUTsideRocks!

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